Want Shiny Pokemon Easily?

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Want Shiny Pokemon Easily?

Post by JacksonVirgo on Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:07 pm

So, you want a Shiny Pokemon of your own and don’t want to get a cloned one through the trade boards (or simply cant). You’ve heard from your friend that getting a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y has become easier than ever! In fact, they are correct! But while it has become easier, that does not mean it is not time consuming!

After this reveal, the Shiny Method of hatching was discovered by Smogon (a group of people dedicated to the Meta game of Pokemon) and subsequently named the “Masuda Method”.

Okay okay, but what IS the method?!

The Method is actually pretty simple. Two Pokemon of different regions need to breed. The offspring produced will have a higher chance of hatching as a Shiny.

Prior to the Masuda Method discovery, a normal person hatching Pokemon eggs has a 1 in 8192 (1/8192) of hatching a Shiny. In Generation 4 according to data miners at Smogon, the Masuda Method greatly reduces that number (by 75%!) to 1 in 2048 (1/2048 chance). In generation 5 (Black and White Series) this number was discovered to have been increased by 6 from the original 1 in 8192 to 1 in 1365 (1/1365 chance of hatching a Shiny).

A current test on Smogon is going under the assumption that the rate is actually 3/2048 (1/682) assuming that the rate continued to increase in a similar pattern from the previous games. Further research from Project Pokemon also conclude that the number is 1/682 for a chance of hatching a Shiny.

Wow! So I can get a Shiny in NO time huh!

Hold on one second young grasshopper. I said that it would take time and I meant it.

Things Needed For Masuda Method of Breeding

-Two Pokemon of compatible egg group and different genders, or 1 poke and a ditto. One Pokemon needs to be foreign.
A foreign Pokemon means one that is not from your region (language). You will know if it if from a different region by looking at the top left corner of the Pokedex screen. If it is from your game, their wont be anything there (https://i.imgur.com/YLdReIX.jpg). A 3 letter acronym for the region will be displayed there, such as JPN, FRE, or KOR if it did not originate in your game (https://i.imgur.com/DHPkMBm.jpg)

-Access to the Pokemon Day Care on Route 7.

-A Bicycle (it will make things go quicker) which is received in Cyllage City.

-Money (depending on how you wish to do this).

-A Pokemon with Flame Body Ability to reduce the amount of steps needed to hatch the egg. (Fletchinder, who evolves from Fletchling, has this ability.)

-Hatching O Power.

Note: While you can do this without a pokemon with Flame body and Hatching O Power you risk making an already long process even longer.

How to Hatch a Shiny

Alright. Assuming you have at least the above 6 things, here is a good method for hatching

Start of the Game version (for those without fly)

-Deposit both of your Pokemon in the Pokemon Daycare via the Daycare lady. Keep in mind that each level costs 100 peso’s (or what ever you want to call the money). Put the rest of your Pokemon in the PC except for your flame body Pokemon.

-Save your game.

-Go outside and talk to the man facing towards the stables (he wears his hat backwards so it’s annoying if you aren’t paying attention). If he says that the two Pokemon get along then you are set. If he says they prefer other Pokemon then the egg groups are not compatible.

-Bike down to the cave to the left of the Daycare, then bike all the way to the right into the town. Continue doing this until the Daycare man turns around (you’ll see his face, but his hat is backwards still. Hipster) and speak to him. He will ask if you want the egg. Say yes (You can say no however. He basically looks at you like an idiot and asks you again if you want it. If you say yes he gives you the egg, if not then he takes it and keeps it for dinner).

-Now bike back and forth down the path, picking up more eggs as you go. Personally I found this easier than filling my bank with eggs, as breeding with a ditto tends to produce eggs quicker than you can hatch them.

-Eventually you will start hatching eggs. PLEASE BE AWARE Some Pokemon have very very subtle Shiny changes. The ONLY place you will see the shiny form at this point is at the hatched screen (The 3D model). The actual sprite is not shiny, so looking down at the Super Trainer screen won’t help.

-After you have filled up your party you have several options. You can deposit these into your PC, Open your PC and release them, or WT them off. The other thing that you could do is soft reset, and load the game back up at the save. The second option saves money, but the first saves time.

But, if I reset the game, don’t I reset my Shiny chance rate?

Hmm. Are you a boy, or are you a girl?

Actually, this is the part where I tell you no and explain why this thing takes so long. You see, the Masuda Method increases the chance of hatching a Shiny between 1/682 to 1365. This does not mean however, that if you hatch 681 Pokemon, or 1364 Pokemon, that the next one will be Shiny. The hatch rate is for each egg. So the 1st Pokemon you hatch has the same exact chance of hatching a shiny as the 2,000th.

So by soft resetting you don’t lose the chance of obtaining a shiny. It can just take longer, and depending on your method of breeding (as in, if you are breeding egg moves or for IV’s), the babies may be good trades for other pokes.

Okay. Is there another method for hatching?

Yes. It involves all the steps above except instead of biking back and forth in front of the daycare center, you fly to Lumiose City and bike around the city using a dime to keep your thumb stick in one direction. This may be faster for some people. I did not have fly at the time so I did my method. Please realize that the other method works for many people. Since I have no real experience with it i can't talk about it in great details.

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